Gratituesday: A Little Bit of Warning. . .

This is a weird one, but mothers will understand, I'm sure.  Today I am thankful that my kids have always decided to start their marathon vomiting sessions BEFORE I go to bed.  This is handy because I don't have to wake up from a sound sleep wondering What's that weird gagging noise? and I have time to layer extra sheets and stockpile fresh clothing.  I can go into the night prepared at least, and that is no small thing when you're dealing with extreme yuckiness.  So there you go.  Gratitude in the details.

I've had a bad cold for a few weeks, and now Wyatt has a stomach bug - probably not too much posting for a while. . .


  1. Oh, no fun! We recently had a delightful time with car sickness on a very long car trip, compounded only by my daughter catching a belly bug for the return home and week after. Pray you are all better soon!

  2. I am blessed with the same luck! At least in recent history. Hope you all feel better soon.


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