Toothpaste and other unneccessaries

Wyatt is roaming around brushing his teeth.  He disappears and I go to find him.  He has swirled his toothbrush in the soil of a houseplant and is continuing to brush his teeth.  I observed a rather contemplative look on his face before he realized he'd been caught.

Wyatt has recently started signing more than just all done.  The first new sign he picked up was more, and he delights in his new power.  Wyatt is so excited about asking for more - and getting it - that he'll sweep all of the food off of his tray when my back is turned and then frantically sign more when he has my attention again.

Out of nowhere, Ava says to her daddy, "There sure is a lot of boogers in my nossssstrils.  How do you think they all got there?  Can I wear my ballet shoes to bed?"


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