Things I Love: April Edition

Reusable Bowl/Dish/Food Covers!

Saving paper!

Unexpected toys:

Tracking my milk:
Where is my milk from?  You can find out by going to this site and typing in the code from your jug.  Check out the help section if you're not sure where to pull the code from.  Thanks to my friend Bekah for sending this to me!  I found out that the milk I bought at Costco came from Washington, which surprised me some.  I thought it would be a dairy further away.

Dancing Kids!

My kids love this cd and it is groovy enough that I don't want to strangle myself when they ask for it for the nineteenth time.  A little dancing is just the thing for these crazy-cold-sideways-hail spring days.

A little breather for mommy. . .

Classical Baby Set

This set is so much better than the Baby Einstein series.  No silly toys and puppets turning your kids' brains into mush.  And the kids love it too!


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