T-Shirt to Ruffle Dress

I decided to turn some of Ava's t-shirts into dresses since she will hardly even look at clothing that does not have a skirt on it.  This dress thing was not so easy for me, but I learned a lot - such as "do not tell your daughter you are sewing her a dress until it is done"!  It looks much better from a distance, and Ava is a happy girl with all these ruffles!  Inspiration from this project came from Ruffles and Stuff and 2 Giggle Boxes.  I used up scraps from thrifted fabric and the dark purple came from a worn-out pillow sham.  You can't see in the pictures, but there is a butterfly on the t-shirt.  I might add some flowers someday, if I ever get the dress off of Ava.

I guess this is her "camera smile."


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