Paper Dolls

Spent part of last Saturday morning cutting out Clementina and her wardrobe, including four costumes, for Ava.  (The site is in Spanish, here's the google-translated site, but you might have trouble downloading.)  She was pretty excited!  I put the doll onto cardboard and printed the clothing on cardstock, then sandwiched everything with contact paper.  I quickly saw that Ava's little fingers could not manipulate the paper tabs to hold the clothing on, so we snipped those off, and I gave her a ball of that ticky-tack so she could just stick the outfits on.  Worked great, although we did have to have this long and circular conversation about what ticky-tack really is.

If you remember the McCall paper dolls, and would rather have those, go take a look here.  Might bring back some memories!


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