New Life for Candles

Aren't these candles fun?  I made some like this a while back as a wedding gift.  I can't stand to throw away that big chunk of wax that's left after a candle will no longer do it's job.  This is such a simple way to use up old candles, here's a quick set of directions.

1) Melt any random scraps of candle wax you have laying around in a double boiler, or use new blocks of wax
2) Add in safe colors or scents
3) Srain or pluck out wick remnants or any other weird floaties.
4) Carefully pour into a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan with edges.  Spray pan with a wax release spray or probably even Pam would work.
5) Cut into squares when partially cooled and poke a hole in the center of each square with a nail.
6) Cool completely, break carefully, and then string the squares on a piece of wick.  Drip wax inbetween squares to "glue" them together if desired.  Tie wick at the bottom and trim the top to about 1/2 inch. 
Voila!  New candles!


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