Bean Box!

I'll warn you right now, these are blurry photos, but that's because my kids were so busy playing, I couldn't get them to hold still at all!
Here is our bean box!  This is one of our favorite toys.  What is it?  Um, a box of beans?  Yep, that's it!  Beans + box +whatever else you have to scoop or pour or hold = hours of fun!  I'm not just saying that, my kids played in this for over an hour this morning while I worked in the kitchen.  (The sad part about all that is how long I was in the kitchen!!)  Seems like a mess waiting to happen, but some strictly enforced ground rules (no raining beans!)  and a great big sheet make it all very manageable.  There's some teaching that has to happen with the little ones, because of course they want to eat the beans, but I've found it doesn't take long for the kids to realize it's more fun to play than to munch on hard dried beans.  I added some dried split peas this morning too for some extra color and sorting.

Here's Ava at 18 months, enjoying the very same bean box.  Not the same beans though.


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