Ava Quotes: April 10th Edition

It appears that hydrogenated oil causes Ava's eczema to flare up, so I've been teaching her which foods are likely to have it and to avoid them.  Unfortunately, she has co-opted this excuse as her own.
Me:  "Please eat your xyz."
Ava, looking worried:  "Oh Mom, I can't, it has that drogenated oil in it!"

Kids and I are by the door, putting shoes on, when a stack of newspapers suddenly gives up its battle with gravity with a loud plop.  We stare at the pile for a minute, then Ava says, "Well, I didn't see that coming!"

Upon seeing her lunch, which was a tomato and cheese omelette, Ava wails, "That's exactly what I didn't want!"

Whenever Ava hears her father and I having a heated discussion, shetypically has something helpful to add, such as:  "It's not nice to fight!" or "Guys, GUYS!  It's. Going. To. Be. Okay!"

And from today:
Ava is bugging her brother in the back seat.  I give her the eye in the rearview mirror and say warningly, "Ava. . ."  She says, "But he, I just, I wasn't. . . .(change to innocent tone) yes?"
I laughed the whole way home.


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