Snow Day!

Spring in Central Oregon!  Tank tops and flip flops one afternoon, three inches of snow the next!  I had been having quite a few days that sound like this: "Mom, Wyatt's in front of the TV!  Mom, can I . . .Mom will you. . .  Mom, why not?  Mom!  Mom!  Screech SCREECH!"  SO!  It was very nice to drop everything, bundle up, and plod around in the fresh and still falling snow.  Such quiet, such happy children!  "I love the snow!" Ava tells me.  "I love to eat the snow!"  "Don't you have enough to eat already?" I ask her.  "No!" she replies.

Snow angel in the making.

Home again!  Unbundle and hurry inside for a warm chocolate soother!  Yum!


  1. We have the same thing here in Colorado: shorts one day, jackets and gloves the next. Lucky for us, today is a shorts day! :)


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