Must be a special occasion . . .

I crack one eye open and realize I am awake before the kids!  I run down the hall, jump in the shower, and enjoy approximately 2 minutes of peace and quiet before I feel cold air enter.

"Mom, I need some clothes."

"Go get some then," I tell her helpfully.

"Get some?" she repeats, giving me a chance to see how ludicrous she thinks this statement is. 

Silence for a moment.

"Mom?  Mom?  Mom!  Can you talk?"

I peak around the curtain at her. "No, I'm taking a shower."

"Where are we going?" she asks.

"Nowhere," I answer, confused.

"Then why are you taking a shower?"

Because I'm the mommy and I said so, that's why . . .no, wait, um. . ."I just am." I tell her.

"Oh." She says.  "Well, Mom, I need some oatmeal with chocolate chips it in, and some warmed up milk next to it, and . . ."


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