Memory Game and Envelope

This is a long overdue birthday present for a little boy born just a day after Wyatt to my dear friend from college who had the poor sense to up and move to AR-kansas.  :)  Here's a funny picture of the boys from this past summer.  Happy late birthday buddy!

I added a closure after I took the picture, using a button and a loop of necklace leather.  Game pieces are lids from juice concentrate and photos came from whatever I had lying around.  I glued the pictures down, and then covered them with a circle of contact paper.  The edging for this project sure gave me some trouble, since I am a novice sewer really, but I can assure you it will not fall off!  And I definitely know how to attach it cleanly next time.
Inspiration and a pattern for this project came from Montessori By Hand.

I tested this toy out with both of my kids, and they BOTH loved it.  Wyatt just about lunged at me when he heard the clanking inside, and Ava promptly sat down to play the game, "up at the big table, so the little monster can't reach."


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