Gratituesday - My family

My mom was in a car accident last Thursday, the kind where we say, "she only broke her collarbone."  So naturally I am very thankful that she is ok.  She'll find out at the end of this week how serious the damage is, but we expect that she will eventually heal and have no loss of function.  Even beyond that miracle, I am also so thankful for my siblings.  Yep, all three of you guys!
I wanted to jump in my car, turn my radar-detector on, and drive to my mother's house, of course in a resonable and prudent manner.  However, my husband was out of town and my little boy was running an uncomfortably high fever (turned out to be the common Roseola virus).  I couldn't leave him, and I couldn't take him, so I had to just sit here and try to use my Matilda powers to get everyone else to do what I would have done if only I could have!  But you know what?  Turns out, I didn't need to worry my slightly-greying head about it.  My brothers and sister were all over it, bringing my parents dinner, volunteering to help keep my mom's business going, and take care of other things that just needed care-taking.  Not that I am surprised, but I have this oldest-child mentality that wants to jump right in there and start getting things taken care of.  This time, I am so glad I couldn't, because it gave everyone else a chance to step in and show love for my mom.
And that's another thing!  Four kids, and we are all jumping up and down to help my mom when she's hurt and needs us.  What a wonderful compliment to the woman who raised us!  Not only did she manage to keep us from turning into wandering, graffiti-ing, vagrants (no offense to the vagrants), she has also maintained relationships strong enough to have each of us ready to help at a moment's notice.  So yay to my siblings, and yay to my mother!
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