Baked Wonton Deliciousness

I love cooking with Ava!  Wonton wrappers are my new favorite thing because they allow me to use up leftovers, make a whole meal in one little pocket (eat your heart out Hot Pocket makers!), and are so kid-friendly.  Ava really enjoys helping with this meal, and she can do most of it herself.  First, we raid the fridge, this time coming up with cooked chicken, corn, cream cheese, chopped spinach, and cream of mushroom soup.  Then, mix it all up.  Brush wonton wrappers with egg or water and plop a spoonful of filling on each wrapper.

Lay second wonton wrapper on top of filling, and press edges together.  Brush with more egg or butter.

Bake for a while.  Flip, bake some more, and you're done!  Great for lunches, freezes well too!  (Sorry for the fuzzy picture.  We are looking into a new camera, or a new camera operator. :))


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