Ava Quotes: Friday Edition

Ava:  Mama, can I please watch a little TV? Please, a little TV?
Me: (laughing) Yes, ok.
Ava:  Oh, Mom, I'm so proud of you!
Me: (frowning) That's enough of that! 
[I know, but it was the best I could come up with at that moment!]
Ava:  Awwww, you're so cute when you pout!

Recently, I said to Ava, "I love you always!"  She replied, "but not when I'm whiny!"  So I explained to her that I did not prefer whining generally, but that I still loved her when she whined, that I loved her always, even if I didn't like how she was acting.  She has been really interested in this, and keeps asking me things like, "Even when I sleep?"  "Even when I bonk Wyatt on the head with my shovel?"  "Even when I blink?" (she closes both eyes tightly, and opens them quickly).

We have been marveling over how much Ava has grown lately.  "Look at your long legs!"  "Look how big your hands are getting!"  "Look how big your muscles are growing!"  I guess it should come as no surprise when, one sunny afternoon in the kitchen, she pulls up her shirt and peers down her chest saying, "Wow, look at my big bras!"  And there followed yet another conversation I did not think I would have to have until she was much older . . .

And lastly: Ava, Wyatt, and I are sitting around the little table awaiting a tea party at Ava's request.  She doles out plastic food from her basket: the bun of a hotdog for Wyatt, a cracker and banana for me, and ice cream, donuts, peas/corn/carrots, and a tub of butter for her.  I suggest that perhaps the rest of us would like some additional food options, so Ava hops up to go get more food (apparently sharing some of her food was not in the cards that day).  As she turns to go, Ava leans in to me with her hand shielding her mouth from Wyatt and says, "Make sure that one doesn't get my food!"

Have a great weekend!


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