That Girl!

Me:  Ava, please go pick up your toys. Ava:  Ok.  (wanders into the living room)

(a little bit later)
Me:  Ava, did you pick up your toys?
Ava:  Yep!
Me:  I still seem them all over the floor!  Oops!  (I go get a garbage bag and start picking up toys).
Ava:  Oh great!  You can pick up my toys, Mom!
Me:  What kind of bag is this?
Ava:  A garbage bag.
Me:  And what do we do with things we put in these bags?
Ava:  Put them in the garbage. . .oh no!!

(much later)
Ava:  Thank you Mommy for "stoling" my toys!  (attempted sarcasm)
Me:  (after struggling to figure out that "stoling" means stealing) Uh, no, girlie.  I took your toys away because you did not clean up and lied to me about it.  I did not steal them.
Ava:  Oh Mommy, it's ok.  Adults just do that sometimes. . .they just make mistakes and stole your toys and they just do that sometimes.
Me:  *gurgle* (choking on wrath)

Yet another example of why some species EAT THEIR YOUNG!!!


  1. I love all your Ava stories! She is quite the little miss - love it! Hope all is well!


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