My Valentine

Grant and I typically do not exchange gifts for holidays and birthdays.  Instead we go on weekend trips or other little excursions.  However, I did manage to make him a little Valentine book this year, and it turned out pretty cute!  I used an old beat up board book of Ava's, but I had to be sneaky. She saw me with it right before I started painting, and stared so fiercely at me, I was a little afraid.  "Um, Mom?  What are you doing with that book?"  "Oh, well. . .I'm going to read it!"  "Oh, well, ok.  You can share my book Mom, I guess that's ok."  Someday she's going to read this, and I am going to pay!

Here are a few of the pages.  The text is from a Brad Paisley song, with minor modifications, and the poem on the back is by Robert Browning.
I found the idea for this here at Rookie Moms.


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