But You're My Favorite!

So I have a rather tumultuous relationship with my daughter.  (Right now my mom is laughing her head off and my grandmother is thinking, have I heard this story before?)  But see, it's just that we're so different!  Ava is hot-headed, stubborn, and obsessive, whereas I'm more along the lines of passionate, determined, and thorough.  TOTALLY DIFFERENT!  Anyway, every now and then we do have these wonderful moments and I think, "I just might make it!"

For example, Saturday night I went out to my school's benefit auction. (By the way, my terrarium brought in $225! And I didn't even have to buy it myself to save face!) Grant came home from work at 4:30 and I walked out the door at 4:31. (Grant invested his minute wisely, and used it to tell me I looked "smashing." Yep, he's that good.) When Ava saw me dressed up, she says, "Oh Mom!  You look wonderful!" She stared at me in amazement, and her expression clearly said, "wow, who knew?" Anyway, Grant decided to take the kids out to walk down the drive and get the mail. 

In case you didn't know, our driveway is really long, so this is kind of an event.

Somehow Ava got the idea that she was going with me, so when she hurried out to the gravel only to see me drive away, I guess she was pretty upset, and did her signature chin-on-chest pout. The next morning, Grant told me about this, and I turned to Ava and said, "But we talked about you staying home and hanging out with Daddy and Wyatt."
Ava responds, "But they're not my favorite!  You're my favorite!"

Awwww! Right then and there, I made a mental note to cancel her application to Mrs. Pritchard's Boarding School for Girls.


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