Survival of the Fittest

Stages of a Minor Crisis:

Discovery and Dismay:

Hysterical Realization:


The Scene: Ava has always been a picky, skimpy eater. She likes to take her time and rarely eats enough to make me think she could be full. (Except for plain pasta with parmesan, she will eat a ton of that!) However, there’s a new kid in town now.
Ava (wailing): Mooooom! Wyatt took my food!
Sure enough, he had snatched her sandwich right off of her plate. In the time it took me to get there, he had the other half in his hands too. Notice how totally undisturbed Wyatt is through the whole thing.
I'll wager this will not be the last we hear of food theft in our home.


  1. Welcome to having a boy! :) I laughed hysterically. :)


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