Ava's Grievances

Another one from my email files:

Ava’s list of grievances, September 21st.
7:45 no milk allowed, no tv
8:15 no milk allowed, no tv
8:45 milk given, but is not pink, no tv
9:00 no snack and no milk allowed
9:05 no snack
9:14 no snack
9:15 no milk
9:30 no snack
9:37 no snack
10:00 snack does not include chocolate, tv show not the right one
. . .More of the same, interspersed with vehement complaints regarding attempted appropriation of toys by younger sibling . . .
12:25 picnic was not set up on the correct box/table
12:30 sandwich was not made with the right kind of cheese, water was "too wet"
1:00 not happy about forced napping, not the right sheet on the bed
And on.
Poor kid, it's a hard life!


  1. Oh my goodness. I laughed the whole time!! What a very opinionated little lady! :) Have fun with that one. :)


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