Ava's First Quilt

So here is how it all began. Last week I was working on a sewing project when I was interrupted by some sort of frantic noise from Wyatt. After investigating and setting things to right, I headed back to my sewing machine. As I was walking, I was thinking to myself, "What is that noi - Ava no, Ava no no no!" She was standing there with her foot on the sewing pedal and her chin on the table watching the needle zip up and down and the fabric whip back and forth. Luckily she was not injured by me in my attempt to save her. Undisturbed, she says to me, "That was fun!" So I ask her if she wants me to teach her how to use it, and she agrees. After a long monologue about how dangerous the sewing machine can be when not used safely (and ripping out the 847 stitches from her joy ride), we decide to make a quilt for her dolls. Ava was amazingly focused, and did nearly everything herself (except for cutting the fabric and threading the machine).


Using the presser foot lever:

Stuffing the pillows:
A finished pillow!

Getting there!

Ta da!

No time to sew on batting or backing. Dollies need to nap!

She's three, folks. If I can get her to finish it up, I think she can enter it in the county fair expo and get free fair entry. :)


  1. my first comment on a blog!! so fun... you inspired me after last weekend to sew with josie. Yesterday we made 5 sleeping bags for her Barbies!! So Fun! Now they can sleep well with fashion at their next camping trip!

  2. I love it, very inspiring for me to do that with Rachel!

  3. Oh my gosh! I love this!! Way to go Ava. =)


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