sunday morning musings: when you can't write anything good

I have a whole slew of posts in my drafts folder.  I haven't posted any of them because. . . well, they all sound kind of stupid.  I think it's because I'm very grumpy about my life (read: my kids), but trying to pretend like I can rise above all that.  Apparently I am not always so good at the rising above business. Everything I write seems to come out rambley (more than usual) or whiny or self-serving.  Yuck.

When your outputs are no good, you have to go back to your inputs.  So I'm trying.  Here are some of my inputs from the past few weeks:


"Empty Ourselves: If we are serious about walking out the authentic life. . .then we need to surrender our will to His will, and trust that His plans are for us to THRIVE. . .[and] when we choose to humble ourselves, we accept His timing. . .His plans. . .His will. . . As we already know, He is trustworthy all the time."
Carey Scott,


"I needed to accept days like this - my children's neediness, the myriad mindless tasks, and even my own occasional discomfort - as part of my partnering with my husband toward our mutual goal of building a godly heritage for Christ. . .If I didn't commit myself wholeheartedly to the demands of motherhood, I would never be able to do my best."
Sally Clarkson, The Mission of Motherhood*


"I watch my boys offend one another on every level and see their mama, brow furrowed, face in hands with her already-warmed-four-times cup of now cold coffee sitting next to her. And all I feel is defeat in that moment.So, Mama, in this present moment...what are we to do when our hearts are pounding and thoughts are swirling at top speed? We're anxious and beginning to lean hard into ourselves...carrying on that one way conversation with the one who is the wrong One. We are talking to ourselves, trying to find answers that are not there.
So, what do we do? We do the next right thing. We get down on our knees, wherever we're at, even in front of our children....and we pray. We pray a simple yet bold prayer of courageous Asking, Seeking and Knocking...that kind of pray. "
 Megan Spires, Dear Weary Mom


Some days, we've foolishly rushed our prayers or abandoned His word in haste to do other things. We feel the tipping of the off-center days. We slide into each other in erratic and frustration, careening through the hours, out of focus, hearts withering quietly.
Those are the days when we stop, re-evaluate and sometimes, just plain start over. There is nothing else to do at that point except seek His face, fall at His feet, and embrace those new mercies. 
And so goes the practice of learning to live Christ centered.
Kris Camealy, Circling The Savior

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